Day 5- Protein day

23rd April, Weight 53 kgs

I waited so long for this day 😛 Ok so at breakfast had cottage cheese, sauteed with a dash of salt and thyme in olive oil along with two tomatoes. Lunch created an awesome celery chicken serving (sharing the recipe below). TIP: Go easy on the meat eating. It took me a while to enjoy the feeling after. Dinner was light- made a lemon chicken and split two tomatoes with every meal and 2 when I got hungry in between. Did 20 mins of zumba today too.

Loads of water went in as well.



2 tbsp Olive Oil

A few pods of garlic

A bunch of celery

Salt and pepper


How to:

I took breast pieces and thinned them, laced them with salt and pepper. After, heat the olive oil a little in a pan, throw in the chicken. Once both sides turn white, put in the garlic and cover the pan. In about 10 mins, put in the celery cut long and cover for another 15. Open it and cook it on high flame till golden brown. Serve with a dash of lime.

Lemon Chicken


Lemon Juice

Lemon zest(rind)




Salt and pepper

How to:

Thin the breast piece out. Lace the pieces with salt, pepper and lime. Heat olive oil in a pan. Put in the chicken. When both sides turn white, put in the lemon rind on the chicken and cover. After 15 mins, put in all the herbs and cover. Open after 5-10 mins and cook out till golden brown on high flame.

Enjoy! :0)




Day 4- Bananas, Milk and GM soup

22nd April, Weight: 53.5 kgs

I looked forward to the soup today. It was very delicious and easy to digest too. Be sure to add loads of garlic to the recipe for a good digestion ( By the end of the day I did get rather tired. It was a day that seemed a little low on energy for me. I don’t like milk very much but put a few bananas with the milk and blended them into a milkshake. Sure helped!


Day 2- The all-veggies day

20th April 9.46 a.m. Weight: 54.6 kgs

Ok so the sleep was a little disturbed, but woke up quite early dreaming of the buttered potato. 🙂 Add some oregano to it- DIVINE! All I can say is that I relished each bite and took my time through it. Got together some raw – cucumbers, carrots, raddish, lime and oregano sprinkles and some cooked veggies – carrots, french beans, beet, broccoli to take me through the day. What I also have added to my routine is a glass of lime juice without sugar today. Kept me refreshed and chirpy through the day. I can say the day went a lot better than my previous. Got some sleep during the day too. I did get tired by the evening. Got myself a bowl of sauteed veggies- with a dash of tobasco and crashed out.

Weight remained constant through the day.

Happy Easter all!

Day 1- The all-fruit day

19th April 2014 11.45 p.m. Weight: 55.3 kgs

A kilo less and a some highs and lows in the mood, I made it through the first day. Eventful I wouldn’t say but actually enjoyed the variety in fruits I seemed to have collected – jackfruit and papaya added today too. Also went veggie shopping for tomorrow. All in all keeping the image of a healthy and slim me in mind. Cravings not much, I ate fruit and I told myself how delicious it was (and when you’re hungry it really is). A tip: papaya does keep you quite full instantly. A good fruit to take you through the diet. Cleansing is part of the deal so let that happen at its’ pace and style. Surrender to nature by the end of the day!
Looking forward to my potato breakfast morning! 😀
See you tomorrow.

My GM diet Journey

18 April 2014 1.14 a.m. Weight: 56.3 kgs

So here I am just dabbling with the eternal ‘to do or not to’ dilemma. Seems safe and natural. I guess what would keep me motivated throughout is one, the image of a slim me and two, the weighing scale actually making me smile for a change. So yea, in today’s fast paced world who has the time or patience for a long drawn weight/ inch loss effort right?! I’ve tried most, they take very very long. So it ain’t a bad idea to take the plunge. After all, the results seem real good in everyway- makes for a complete detox plan as well.

So, I start day 1 tomorrow, I did get together all the fruits I felt would suffice. A couple of apples, oranges, kiwi, a pomegranate, melon and watermelon. I’ll probably try to get a papaya too in the day. I hear that keeps you feeling quite full.

What do I fear! One is that I did have an issue of low bp recently and two, I get pretty cranky without food 😛 Well, its’ 1 a.m. I must get a good nights rest now. I’m hoping my writing here is something that will support me through this too. I love my food but I know I love my body more.
Good night then.
More tomorrow.