Day 5- Protein day

23rd April, Weight 53 kgs

I waited so long for this day 😛 Ok so at breakfast had cottage cheese, sauteed with a dash of salt and thyme in olive oil along with two tomatoes. Lunch created an awesome celery chicken serving (sharing the recipe below). TIP: Go easy on the meat eating. It took me a while to enjoy the feeling after. Dinner was light- made a lemon chicken and split two tomatoes with every meal and 2 when I got hungry in between. Did 20 mins of zumba today too.

Loads of water went in as well.



2 tbsp Olive Oil

A few pods of garlic

A bunch of celery

Salt and pepper


How to:

I took breast pieces and thinned them, laced them with salt and pepper. After, heat the olive oil a little in a pan, throw in the chicken. Once both sides turn white, put in the garlic and cover the pan. In about 10 mins, put in the celery cut long and cover for another 15. Open it and cook it on high flame till golden brown. Serve with a dash of lime.

Lemon Chicken


Lemon Juice

Lemon zest(rind)




Salt and pepper

How to:

Thin the breast piece out. Lace the pieces with salt, pepper and lime. Heat olive oil in a pan. Put in the chicken. When both sides turn white, put in the lemon rind on the chicken and cover. After 15 mins, put in all the herbs and cover. Open after 5-10 mins and cook out till golden brown on high flame.

Enjoy! :0)




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