Day 2- The all-veggies day

20th April 9.46 a.m. Weight: 54.6 kgs

Ok so the sleep was a little disturbed, but woke up quite early dreaming of the buttered potato. 🙂 Add some oregano to it- DIVINE! All I can say is that I relished each bite and took my time through it. Got together some raw – cucumbers, carrots, raddish, lime and oregano sprinkles and some cooked veggies – carrots, french beans, beet, broccoli to take me through the day. What I also have added to my routine is a glass of lime juice without sugar today. Kept me refreshed and chirpy through the day. I can say the day went a lot better than my previous. Got some sleep during the day too. I did get tired by the evening. Got myself a bowl of sauteed veggies- with a dash of tobasco and crashed out.

Weight remained constant through the day.

Happy Easter all!


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