My GM diet Journey

18 April 2014 1.14 a.m. Weight: 56.3 kgs

So here I am just dabbling with the eternal ‘to do or not to’ dilemma. Seems safe and natural. I guess what would keep me motivated throughout is one, the image of a slim me and two, the weighing scale actually making me smile for a change. So yea, in today’s fast paced world who has the time or patience for a long drawn weight/ inch loss effort right?! I’ve tried most, they take very very long. So it ain’t a bad idea to take the plunge. After all, the results seem real good in everyway- makes for a complete detox plan as well.

So, I start day 1 tomorrow, I did get together all the fruits I felt would suffice. A couple of apples, oranges, kiwi, a pomegranate, melon and watermelon. I’ll probably try to get a papaya too in the day. I hear that keeps you feeling quite full.

What do I fear! One is that I did have an issue of low bp recently and two, I get pretty cranky without food šŸ˜› Well, its’ 1 a.m. I must get a good nights rest now. I’m hoping my writing here is something that will support me through this too. I love my food but I know I love my body more.
Good night then.
More tomorrow.


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